Join the Top Podiatrists in the Industry at FABI's 10th Annual LIVE VIRTUAL Event and Learn the "Perfect 10" Strategies for A Million-Dollar Practice

Tired of feeling stuck in your podiatry practice and not knowing how to take it to the next level? Discover FABI's "perfect 10" expert insights, practical strategies, and the latest marketing tactics to attract high-quality patients, increase profitability, build your dream team, and increase revenue. 

They’ve taken the first step, you can too!

Opportunities don’t happen,
you create them.

Stop dreaming of success and start achieving it! Be part of FABI's annual event and take action towards scaling your practice, with expert advice, proven strategies, and hands-on learning, you'll leave with the tools and motivation to reach new heights.

Learn from industry leaders

Sick of hearing generic marketing advice from gurus who don't truly understand the unique challenges of running a medical practice? It's time to turn to the experts who have been there and done that - podiatrists just like you!

Learn from the success stories of experienced podiatrists who have scaled their practices to the million and multi-million dollar level. With their insight, knowledge, and proven strategies, you'll have the tools to supercharge your marketing, scale your practice and achieve the success you deserve.

Be part of a supportive community

Attending FABI's event isn't just about gaining knowledge and strategies for your practice, it's also about joining a community of like-minded and successful podiatrists.

By networking with your peers, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate, share best practices, and receive support from others in the industry.

You'll also leave the event with a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration, knowing that you are part of a community of doctors who are all working towards the same goal of scaling and growing their practices.

A Taste of What You’ll Get During This Live Event

The Perfect 10

No more having to waste time doing what doesn’t work for you. Learn FABIs perfect 10: from expert insights, practical strategies, and secrets to success from successful podiatrists just like you.


Stop doing everything on your own. Build valuable relationships at the event and gain support from a community of peers who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of running a podiatry practice.

Stay on Top

Generate a steady flow of patients by staying up-to-date on the latest strategies and trends in the field. Reserve a spot at the event to ensure that your practice is always one step ahead of the competition.

Improve your practice from 0 to a perfect 10

Register for FABIs 10th Annual Live Event today and get access to community, expert insights, and practical strategies that can help scale your practice for a discounted price of $297.

Learn Directly from the 
Industry Leaders

Dr. Lowell Weil, Jr.

Entrepreneur and C.E.O Weil Foot & Ankle Institute
Founder, Foot & Ankle Business Innovations

"Building a successful medical organization is a careful combination of innovation and stability. We built a renowned multi–office practice using proven business strategies to increase our efficiencies – which leaves more time for real innovation to occur. Innovation + efficiency = profit."

Dr. Christopher Milkie

Partner, Milwaukee Foot and Ankle Specialists
Partner, Foot and Ankle Business Innovations

"Becoming a Business Practitioner has always been important to running a successful company but never more than now given the current healthcare arena. Efficiencies in finance, marketing and people management are the drivers of creating a profitable business. FABI shows doctors how to make that happen."

Dr. Matthew Dairman

Founder/Director, 1Foot 2Foot Centre for Foot and Ankle Care
Partner, Foot and Ankle Business Innovations

“It’s okay to be a doctor and an entrepreneur. An intentional practice is a healthier practice. Consistently provide more in value than you receive in payment, be more creative than competitive and you will enjoy the business of medicine as much as the practice of medicine.”

Join the Ranks of the Successful at FABI's 10th Annual Event!

Register for FABIs 10th annual live event today and be one of the thousands of podiatrists who have grown their practice.

Here’s What You’ll Learn During The 3-Day Live Event

Revenue First! FABI's hallmark approach—we will walk you through the very same tactics we use to generate high value patients & more revenue. This includes…
  • ​Understand and identify the different stages of a practice's development and how to customize your marketing strategies to align with what stage you’re at
  • ​​The top 10 essential leadership qualities for a successful and profitable practice
  • ​Dr. Chris Milkie's "Cash Services" strategy to increase your cash flow
  • ​The top 10 priorities for attracting high-quality patients in 2023
This is a roll up your sleeves and get to work kind of day, integrating our 'Revenue' first approach into your very own practice.
Now that we know how to generate consistent new patients and cashflow, we are ready to dive into your numbers to increase profitability...
  • ​Unlock the key to true profitability by learning how to identify the services that may be hindering your practice's growth, and gain valuable insights into how to optimize your revenue
  • ​Marketing campaigns that can help increase your ROI (return on investment)
  • ​​Put your practice through Lowell's 'Practice Valuation' exercise to maximize your bottom line and profitability
  • ​Identify the services with the highest profit margins and attract high value patients who are seeking those services
Walk away with actionable steps to help you increase profitability right away.
Our last day together is devoted to putting strategies into action and systemizing everything so you can live your life.
  • How to shift your focus from working in the business to working on the business
  • ​Establish your practice as the leading authority in your marketplace and increasing referrals
  • ​​Create a "lifestyle practice" that allows for work-life balance
  • Maximize receivables and deal effectively with Medicare and insurance companies through Lowell's "Revenue Cycle" and "Billing Pearls" strategies.
Now you are ready to hit the ground running for 2023 and beyond! Ready. Set. Go!

FABI Guarantee

We are so confident in the value and effectiveness of our program that we are willing to offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

If by the end of the first day, you do not feel you have received your money's worth, simply let us know and we will happily refund your ticket cost.

Our goal is not only to help you scale and grow your practice, but also to create a lifestyle that allows for work-life balance. Trust in the FABI business model and join us in taking the first step towards success.

Here’s What You Can Look Forward To During The 3 Day Event

  • Expert insights and practical strategies: Don’t waste your time and resources doing stuff that won’t work for your practice. Learn tried and true strategies from industry leaders who know your market and services like no other.
  • Networking opportunities: The event will provide a chance to connect with fellow professionals and build valuable relationships that can help you grow your practice.
  • Up-to-date information: The event will cover the latest strategies and trends in the field, so you can stay current and competitive.
  • How to create the perfect team: With the perfect team you’ll be able to have more time on your hands. No more having to micro-manage everything, let your trustworthy team lessen your load while you do more of what you love.

Register today and start growing a successful, profitable practice

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